Like most professions, Metaphysics has its own vocabulary. However, the difference is that we are rather unregulated, so although we may use similar terminology, we may not mean the same thing. This may create a feeling of discontinuity, or make it appear that some of us agree or disagree with one another. To be as clear as possible I have included a list of commonly used words or phrases with explanations. These definitions are solely mine, and although they may be shared by other metaphysicians, are not by any means a general standard.

Angel - non-human energetic life form, positive in nature, generally displays through heat and/or sweet/pleasant aromas, engenders feelings of peace, love, joy, etc.

Demon - non-human energetic life form, negative in nature, generally displays through extreme temperatures and/or sour/offensive aromas, engenders feelings of fear, hopelessness, rage, etc.

Ghost - human [or animal] whose physical body has expired, human soul which is attached to the physical realm usually due to fear, Soul which has not rejoined or reconnected to the Source or Spirit, displays through cold and a feeling of static electricity, engenders feelings of extreme despair, anxiety, anger, etc. Feelings vary by occasion and situation.

Spirit - The Great Spirit, Holy Ghost, Holy Spirit, knowable form of God

spirit - human [or animal] souls which have crossed over, or reconnected with the Source

Crossed over - the act of a soul rejoining with the Source, a dimensional shift in consciousness which generally takes place shortly after death [within 30 days]

Pulling energy - allowing white light energy to permeate your physical body

White Light Energy - pure, unconditional love, part of the Source, your connection to the Source

Source - God

Medium - One who converses with the dead. There are three types that I have become aware of; Those who can communicate just with ghosts, just with spirits or both.

Emotional Imprint - Energetic residue left by a traumatic event. Often when people witness an act being played out repeatedly it is an emotional imprint, not a haunting. One cannot interact with the players of the scene if it is an emotional imprint.

Empathic - One who can physically experience the emotions of another being or place. An empath will be affected by an emotional imprint.

Chakra or Chakkra - Energy center in the body or aura. The main chakkras most commonly known are: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown.


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When working with clients, I share information and metaphors for self-insight. It is the responsibility of each person seeking assistance to be the final determiner of his or her choices in life. I assume no credit, blame or liability for the impressions I share or any actions that people may take as a result of hearing them. The point of having a reading is to use the information as a barometer of your path and help you see the bigger picture. It is not for the psychic to make your decisions for you, but rather to guide you. May your greater good be served. Blessings, Geralyn

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