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Hawaii Psychic Intuitive Geralyn St. Joseph reading for a fundraiser Speak with Psychic Intuitive Geralyn
I am available for private psychic readings, group psychic readings, mystical parties, business consultations, and corporate events as a psychic reader or a motivational speaker. My services are available in person, by phone and over the Internet. (Initial readings must be done in person or over the phone.) Contact me to discuss your needs - Geralyn@VoiceofSpirit.com or 808 261-7866.
For more info go to: wwww.WholisticUniversity.org
I am in the Philadelphia and Lancaster, PA area. I am available for personal sessions, psychic readings and other appearances in Lancaster, PA, Baltimore, MD, Wilmington, DE, Southern New Jersey and surrounding areas. As well as Mid-Maine including Augusta Maine and Bangor.

Seminars & Metaphysical Classes Offered by Geralyn St. Joseph
Available Online and in person
The Whole Self

Become whole again by clearing and strengthening your chakkra system.

Releasing the Lie of Loneliness – Path to Self Empowerment
These classes teach you how to tap into your inner strength & connect with the Source.

Heart Empowerment
Open your heart charka and learn to heal the wounds that prevent you from truly experiencing intimate love.

Attracting Love
Learn how to attract the love you long for. Must be taken after Completing the Circle, Whole Self or Heart Repair.

Heart Maintenance
How to keep your love flowing regardless of your situation.

Empowerimg Your Feminine to Awaken His Masculine
Bring out your feminine nature to awaken his masculine being and bring romance back into your life – with or without a partner.

Power of Gemstones – Utilizing the Magic of Gemstones for Everyday Living
The uses of the most common gemstones in jewelry & some of the mythology around them.

Meditation – Drawing in the Light
For beginners or practiced students, drawing in the Light helps one in a number of ways including; protection, cleansing and gaining energy.

Psychic Self Defense
How to clear and protect yourself from negativity.

Esoteric Tarot – Unlocking Your Own Inner Wisdom
A unique method of discovering the Tarot. Extended courses available for those who wish to become professional Tarot readers.

Memories of Egypt – Rediscover the Wisdom
An interactive talk to reveal the true wisdom of the ancients & their society.

Less-Pain Childbirth – It doesn’t have to be such a Labor
Methods of finding comfort during natural childbirth.

The Reality of Ghosts and Other Non-physical Life Forms
True stories of ghosts and their nature. Information on other types of entities and "disturbances".

 Call for more info 261-7866, or Geralyn@VoiceofSpirit.com

Spiritual Guidance

All the services I provide as a psychic intuitive are geared toward helping you achieve a greater awareness of your place in the world and your effect upon it. For the most common metaphysical classes & seminars offered click the link. If you have a topic you wish to be presented please let me know and I will try to accommodate you.

Services include Spiritual guidance, couple’s guidance, motivational speaking and instruction for better communication in all relationships.

Spiritual Guidance in Psychic Readings

The information I impart to you comes from many sources, including your own guides, my guides, and Spirit. Spirit is the universal force known as the Holy Spirit. I am clairaudient, clairsentient, clairvoyant, and can act as a medium.

In a psychic reading you are given the information you most need to know. This isn’t always what you think you need to know. I generally begin my readings with a general reading and allow you to ask questions that are more specific after Spirit has a say. The information that comes through me in a psychic reading is often about your life path and the relationships that surround you and effect you.

I cannot promise to tell you what you want to hear, but I promise to tell you what your guides need you to know.

Couple’s Guidance

When couples enter counseling, it is generally at the insistence of one person. Unless both parties are willing to actively participate in the healing process by working together and individually, nothing in the relationship will change.

My style of guidance incorporates frank discussion and interactive communication exercises to practice at home. The lessons learned during our sessions are integral to all our relationships and help us to live a more fulfilled and productive life.

The results of this style of couple’s guidance are generally evident by the third or fourth session.

Negative Statement Release

All of us have negative statements in our subconscious that effect the way we act and react to people and situations. These negative statements are the stray thoughts and beliefs that keep us from truly attaining our potential.

Negative statement release is done with the use of a unique tool that is endowed with high frequency positive affirmations. I perform a short ritual that transfers these frequencies into your subconscious, replacing the negative statements.

Corporate Events

Make your corporate event exciting and effective with a motivational [can be interactive] talk. Let me know what topic you would like.
Give your employees the option of a psychic reading or signature analysis. Call me to discuss your options.

Business Consulting

I have been in management in many different types of companies and I find that one thing is consistent throughout – people. When you’re working with people you need to be aware of not only skill sets when building a team, but personalities. Conflict within the ranks at any level makes a business less productive. Learn techniques to minimize this conflict and make your business more efficient. Create an atmosphere where your people are motivated to achieve their best.


General Pricing Structure


Intuitive Readings                          $320.00/hour , 180/ 1/2hr, 90/ 15min
Negative Statement Release          $137
Coaching Sessions                          $280.00/hour,
minimum three sessions
Business Consulting                        $280.00/hour, motivational speaking & interpersonal communication
Corporate Events                         1. Seminars           $2000.00
                                                   2. Readings           $350.00/1st hour
/hour thereafter
                                                                                      Minimum of two hours Plus expenses

Contact me for more information or to schedule now at Geralyn@VoiceofSpirit.com or 808 261-7866.  Unless there is an emergency, please schedule appointments one to two weeks in advance. Mahalo!

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When working with clients, I share information and metaphors for self-insight. It is the responsibility of each person seeking assistance to be the final determiner of his or her choices in life. I assume no credit, blame or liability for the impressions I share or any actions that people may take as a result of hearing them. The point of having a reading is to use the information as a barometer of your path and help you see the bigger picture. It is not for the psychic to make your decisions for you, but rather to guide you. May your greater good be served. Blessings, Geralyn

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